In a Heartbeat - Get over Someone Fast!

Published: 14th May 2009
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Your partner has decided they want out. A million things are running through your mind including the memory of the misery your about to embark on. Just the thought of it makes things even worse and the question then becomes, how do I get over someone fast?

To say "It isn't easy" getting over a break up is an understatement! The longer the relationship the harder and longer the healing time. The more surprised you are at the break up, the harder the initial days following the break up. If you have self esteem issues, it's even a tougher road.

As tough as it may be, the most important thing you can do to get over someone fast is to carry out certain tasks that will make the road a little less bumpy. Less bumpy means easier on the stomach and you can get on with your life sooner when you are not walking around with a lump in your throat or a hole in your heart.

Here are the tasks to get over someone fast and get on with your life.

"Break up" Clean. Remove items from your home, office, car, and any other place you frequent, that remind you of your ex. Now obviously you cannot remove everything if you have major items you have bought together or received as a gift. But do this task where you can. For example: pictures, knick knacks, memorabilia on the wall or mantles, voice mail messages, emails, telephone rings, computer desktop pictures, clothes and personals, love making items, etc. Basically, items that are up in your face often and have particularly strong memories. Don't throw them away but just remove them for a while.

Remember Negative Aspects of the Relationship is the next task for you to do to get over someone fast. The quirks about them that drove you crazy. Remember the times you weren't sure they were telling the truth, or the time they almost broke your heart or did. Remember the things they did that really annoyed you and the things about them you definitely will not miss. Think about things you won't have to worry about now and the fun you can have being single for a while.

Casual Dating has multiple assistance factors. Don't under estimate the power of casual dating to help you get over someone fast. Although it has a negative stigma attached to it of people who just don't want to commit or who don't believe in marriage, this is not the majority of casual daters at all. Casual dating holds several positive factors and not only toward getting over a break up.

* Casual dating can open you up to new friendships, new horizons, and new experiences

* Casual dating, offers experiences that can give you something to talk about to your colleagues and friends, and help pre-occupy your mind.

* Casual dating means you don't have to worry about the other person taking the date so seriously like looking for their next girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife. It's CASUAL DATING.

* If you a are a woman, having male company after a break up can have a soothing effect. If you are a man a woman's company for a while is also healthy and uplifting.

It isn't a good idea to get serious with someone just after a break up. Don't hurt someone else while trying to soothe your misery. Play fair, and casual dating is a way to ensure you can do that.

It also gives you something to fill your calendar with and you are sure to meet people that become acquaintances and even friends. You might also meet your future husband or wife, as being friends first is often a strong builder of a good relationship.

Get over someone fast by getting rid of items that hold a strong a memory or are in frequented areas and remind you of your ex. When your mind isn't functioning and you feel completely overwhelmed, revert your thoughts to the negative aspects of your ex and the ways you were annoyed by them. Remind yourself of the things you are happy to do without. Meet new people, fill your calendar, build new friendships, and have an adventure to share with friends and colleagues by utilizing the activity of casual dating. If you can master these areas for a while the next thing you'll know, it will seem you can get over someone fast as a heartbeat.

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